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About Gerry Gwinn

When you’re looking for insurance assistance, it is best to look for someone who is proven. Gerry Gwinn has proven himself to a completely different level in the Paragould area. With over three decades of experience helping local customers, he understands how important it is to support people who are in need. Whether it’s Medicaid, Final Expenses, or Supplemental insurance, Gerry Gwinn is here to help! The list doesn’t stop there either – Medicare, Humana, Allwell, and AARP are just some of the resources offered to help you with your insurance needs.   


Gerry Gwinn knew he wanted to get in the business of helping people when he saw the confusion many people face when they become Medicare eligible. All of the flyers in the mail, confusing letters, and random phone calls were just too much to handle. He saw that there is a major need to assist people in finding the particular insurance plan that best suits them. Treating you like family is something that Gerry Gwinn does best. His motto is that he is “going to help people the way he would help his parents”. 


Having a trusted provider that you can talk to daily, face to face, is something that Gerry Gwinn takes pride in. No more waiting on the phone for hours to talk to someone that is miles away from you. You want someone local, and you have found him. Gerry Gwinn is a huge piece of the community. Whether it’s volunteering at the senior center with parties and bingo, or helping with events at the VFW, he takes pride in being a part of his Arkansas community. 


When you need support, look no further than to someone who has been doing it for three decades. Let Gerry Gwinn and staff assist you with all of your insurance needs. Check them out on Facebook or give them a call at 870-273-3092.